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"There's a very good reason why so many denture wearers trust and recommend Rick Bianchi D.D. of the Midtown Denture Clinic. They appreciate the personal and expert attention that he provides to each of his clients. Each client is treated with the respect and consideration they deserve."
-Health‚ Wellness & Safety Magazine

Something to Smile About

Restore your smile and dental function with dentures.


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Our facility is wheelchair and walker accessible.

Denturists in St. Catharines Create Comfortable Fitting Dentures

A denturist's sole purpose is to fabricate full and partial dentures and custom fitting of dentures. In fact, many local dentists refer their denture patients to the Midtown Denture Clinic. Each person's mouth—like their bodies—is unique. It takes a great deal of care and experience to design and fit dentures that will improve a patient's appearance and function.

We’ve served clients in St. Catharines and the surrounding areas including the Niagara Peninsula and beyond since 1972.
The services we offer include:

Latest oral health screening

Dentures over implants

Same day repairs and relines

Full and partial denture service

House calls

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