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Skilled Denturists in St. Catharines Create Dentures You Can Depend On

Denturists study the clinical and technical aspects of removable dentures and general health for a period of three years. The College of Denturists of Ontario acknowledges that denturists are “Denture Specialists”.

You don’t need a referral form to consult a denturist. If you’ve noticed that your dentures are beginning to fit differently, it is likely time to have them rebased or relined. We also repair cracks and missing teeth in full and partial dentures. Your new dentures and repairs are created in our onsite laboratory, which means you get the finished products quickly. 

We use the latest denture technology to precisely create your dentures. In addition to denture fabrication, our denturists are trained in BPS surgical dental implantation

If you do not have a regular dentist or need a referral to an oral surgeon, your denturist will be happy to refer you to the appropriate practitioner.
The denturists at Midtown Denture Clinic can visit you at your home or retirement residence to fit you for your dentures, and will come back to drop off the finished product when it’s ready.

If your dentures are more than five years old, make an appointment to talk with your denturist . You can improve your appearance, self-confidence and possibly your health with quality dentures.

Most denturists’ fees are covered by dental plans, Veterans Affairs, Social Services, NIHB, and other private insurance companies. If you have a dental plan, ask your denturist to assist you in determining what specific services are covered.

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