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Proper Denture Maintenance Keeps Them Fitting Snugly for Longer

Recall and Recare

Your dentures are important to the way you look and feel. That's why it's important to visit Midtown Denture Clinic in St. Catharines for regular maintenance appointments. When your dentures perform optimally, you can perform at your best.

Why Is a Recare Appointment Necessary?

Tissues and Bone

Over time, your mouth goes through considerable changes such as tissue shrinkage and loss of underlying bone (resorption). Because the underlying bone and tissue are used to keep your dentures securely in place, bone or tissue shrinkage will cause your dentures to fit loosely, allowing food particles to become trapped between your gums and dentures. Ill-fitting dentures also cause irritation on the delicate oral tissues and can lead to sores and infections.

Oral Cavity

Having an annual oral exam may prevent or help detect the existence of oral cancer or other abnormal conditions.

Medical or Dental History

Updating both medical and dental history is an important step towards quality denture treatment.

Fit and Bite of Your Existing Denture

Worn out dentures can cause improper fit and bite which can lead to other problems. They can also cause changes in your ability to bite, your speech and your appearance.

The Integrity of Your Dentures

Your denturist will check for cracks, chips, scratches, and worn or loose teeth.

What to Expect During Your Recall, Recare Visit

Update your dental and medical history

Intra oral examination

Check the integrity of your denture

Check the esthetics, stability and the bite

Discuss options available to you based on your needs

Review of oral hygiene procedures and denture care

Cleaning and polishing of your dentures if required

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